What is this Blog?

Boston on a Budget is the ultimate guide to adventures in Boston written by a true Bostonian! Posts feature the best places to visit and sites to see, as well as restaurants to try that are close to the location of each adventure. All adventures are are aimed towards the interests of college students and people of that age range and all day trips keep in mind that the typical college student is on a college budget. The adventures featured in this blog are guaranteed not to break the bank! There is always something to do in Boston and a new experience waiting for every single person that steps foot in the city. You will always leave Boston with loads of stories to tell and memories to cherish.


About Me!

I am a freshman college student in D.C.who created this blog as a class project. I am very passionate about the topic of my blog because I have lived twenty minutes away from Boston my entire life. I grew up constantly taking trips into the city with my family and friends. I have learned the ins and the outs of the city and would consider myself an expert on what to do in Boston. I know from experience where the cool and interesting spots to check out are, as well as places that are not worth the hype. As a college student I am always looking for ways to save money and have found places that give discounts specifically to college students in addition to finding other general discounts that help make certain experiences in the city possible. I love my city and and excited to share my love for Boston with my readers!

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