The Ultimate Guide to Faneuil Hall


Faneuil Hall is a small square in Boston filled with shops, restaurants, and street performers. Take a walk to the outdoor game area where you can enjoy ping pong, air hockey, or other games from the game chest. Walk in and out of a variety of popular stores such as Urban Outfitters or Del Sol, as well as kiosks that sell tourist gear. While venturing through the square, stop at the many street performers including artists, gymnasts, and magicians.

On a day where the weather is nice, I love spending my day at Faneuil Hall. Even if I am not interested in purchasing anything, I have a great time window shopping, playing the games at the center of the square, and watching the performers. Over the summer, I visited Faneuil Hall with my best friend and we had to stop at this group of gymnasts. The performers grabbed five people from the crowd and lined them up. One of the gymnasts then ran and flipped over all of them and stuck the landing. It was unbelievable. We grabbed food to go and sat at one of the tables outside as a singer was setting up. He strummed his guitar and sang a variety of acoustic songs. It was such a pleasant environment to enjoy our lunch in. Faneuil Hall is filled with so much talent that never fails to amaze me.



In the heart of Faneuil Hall is the restaurant Dick’s Last Resort for a one of a kind dining experience. When you are seated, you are forced to wear goofy hats that have an insult on them specific to you. Waiters are purposefully rude to you (always joking of course), so I recommend only going here if you have thick skin and can take a joke. Enjoy appetizers or lunch both for around $10, including pulled pork sandwiches, bacon burgers, or a chicken sandwich.

For more information, check out Faneuil Hall’s official site.

For the history of Faneuil Hall, visit here.

Keep updated with Faneuil Hall’s Facebook page.

Want another adventure? Check out The Paint Bar.


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