Tour the Museum of Science


Explore the world of science at the Museum of Science! This museum is full of interactive exhibits that making learning hands on and fun. Walk through the over 30 permanent exhibits including A Bird’s World, Butterfly Garden, Dinosaurs:Modeling the Mesozoic, and Live Animal Care Center. Visit the IMAX Theater to experience Extreme Weather, Dolphins, and the National Park Adventure. Get tickets through your local library for a discounted admissions.


I have adventured in the Museum of Science many times and am always attracted to different exhibits. I remember a long time ago touching a real sheep brain in one of the interactive exhibits and watching an exciting lightning show. The last time I went, I recall spending a lot of time the Light House, learning about how light works. I loved this exhibit because I had just learned about different kinds of rays in my chemistry class, so it very very cool to see my knowledge applied in a very real way.


Take a short walk from the museum and grab lunch at Art Bar Cambridge. Enjoy starters for under $15. I recommend garlic wings!

For more information, visit the Museum of Science’s official website.

Stay updated with the Museum of Science Facebook and twitter.

For another adventure, check out Castle Island!


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