5 Things to Do in the Pru


The adventures are endless in this 52 story tall building, however I have narrowed the adventures down to the cheapest and most worthwhile places to check out!

The Skywalk Observatory is by far the best view in Boston. From this spot you can see roughly 100 miles away. You can see sights such as the John Hancock Building, the Charles River, and Fenway Park. Tickets are $14 for students carrying their University I.D. and that price includes the Dreams of Freedom Museum, audio tour, and movie theater. *Do not go if you are afraid of heights. You will be 700 feet up*

Do some shopping in the Pru’s mall at Kate Spade, Vineyard Vines, and Street Talk. Take advantage of the college student discounts with up to 20% your purchase!


A new adventure awaits every time I visit the Prudential Tower. There have been many days where I have spent hours in the Pru going through every shop and kiosk, even if I was just window shopping. There’s no better way to finish the day than to take the elevator up to the top of the tower and view the entire city ad beyond.  My friends and I like to quiz each other’s knowledge on the city by naming places and seeing if they can find it. It’s almost like a giant game of “I Spy”.


Grab a healthy lunch at Sweet Greens! Sweet Green has a variety of salads and warm bowls. I recommend trying the seasonal options!

View the full menu here.

For more information on the Prudential Center click here.

Learn more about the Skywalk Observatory!

Want another adventure? How about a trip to Harvard Square!




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