Top 3 Adventures in Harvard Square


Adventure #1- The Harvard Film Archive

The Harvard Film Archive plays films every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night in the Carpenter Center. With your luck, you may end up attending a screening with the filmmakers who are there to talk about their art! This adventure is free for students who attend Harvard University and is only $7 for other students with their student I.D.s. The Archive is currently showing Time and Tide. A Tribute to Peter Hutton, Story of Judas, and An Evening with Brigid McCaffrey, among many other films.

Adventure #2- Harvard Museum of Natural History

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is comprised of 16 exhibitions including Arthropods: Creatures that Rule, Birds of the World, Evolution, Glass Flowers, Sea Creatures in Glass, and Great Mammal Hall. The museum is widely popular for its historical exhibitions as well as the ever changing exhibitions. The museum is only $10 for students with their student I.D.s and free for students attending Harvard University.



Of all the museums in Boston (and there are a lot) the Harvard Museum of Natural History is by far one of my favorites. Although I find all of the exhibitions to be interesting and educational, my favorite exhibition of that of Glass Flowers. I could spend hours looking at all of the over 800 different species of flowers crafted entirely out of glass. I think they are beautiful and each are so unique. If you cannot commit a lot of time to an all-day adventure, I recommend visiting this “blooming” exhibit at the very least.

Hungry? (and Adventure #3)

Take a short walk from either The Harvard Film Archive or The Harvard Museum of Natural History to the very unique SQUAWK! coffeehouse. Stop by on a Thursday night to listen to a variety of poets, bands, and singers share their art. Entry is free although the coffeehouse asks for a $3 donation.

For more information on the Harvard Film Archive, visit here.

For more information on Harvard Square and the adventures within it, explore here.

For updates follow the Harvard Square twitter page

For another adventure check out the Franklin Park Zoo!






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