A Day at the MFA



Wander the numerous exhibits of the Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibits are always changing so I recommend looking up which exhibits are at the museum currently and possibly look up any upcoming exhibits. The museum showcases art in a myriad of forms such as photographs, paintings, quilt work, sculptures, and artifacts. As of right now, the MFA has  Martin Johnson Heade paintings, Islamic Art, Gerald Roy Quilting, Paul Pilgrim quilting, Japanese Photography, and Etruscan artifacts, among others.


The first time I went to the MFA, I was drawn to the mummy exhibit. I remember marveling at all of the decorated tombs and looking into the stories portrayed on the pottery on the ancient world. Although the other exhibits were beautiful too, I kept finding myself wandering back to the mummies. I believe that everyone that visits the MFA will find an exhibit that speaks to them and teaches them about the world through a new lens.



Walk less than a half a mile from the MFA to Chicken Lou’s on Forsyth St. Choose from steak, burgers, and chicken on the grill, sandwiches, salads, and chicken plates all for under $10.

For more information visit the MFA official site

Stay updated with their twitter and Facebook

Looking for another adventure? Try the Freedom Trail!


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