Dive into Historic Boston on the Freedom Trail


Follow the brick trail and the stops it leads to! Visit places such as the Massachusetts State House, the Park Street Church, the Granary Burying Ground, the Old South Meeting House, the site of the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere’s house, the USS Constitution, the Bunker Hill Monument and many more sites. Each site will give information about what happened there and why it is significant. Every stop is unique and has its own story to tell. Taking a self guided tour is completely free and some stops on the trail are free to enter as well.


A few years ago, I went into Boston with my parents. We all knew that Boston was the heart of early American history, but had never taken advantage of all of the historic sites around us. We started on the trail of bricks, which took us to the old post office, inside Paul Revere’s house, and across the Tobin Bridge to the USS Constitution. We spent the day fully immersed in the history surrounding the American Revolution and the founding of our nation. I found it much more interesting to learn about history that directly affects my life every single day by experiencing the sites in person rather than reading about them in a book.



Grab lunch at Quincy Market Place in Faneuil Hall, which is right off the Freedom Trail. Choose from a wide variety of food-from seafood, to burgers, to Mexican- there is something for everyone. Take your food on the go while you continue on the trail or sit in the two story dining area.

Guide your tour with the Freedom Trail’s official brochure

Keep updated with the Freedom Trail on their twitter

Learn more about each site on the trail here

For another Boston adventure, check out Fenway Park!




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