Go on an Adventure by the Water


For a trip right on the Boston harbor, visit the New England Aquarium! The aquarium has thousands of species of animals including penguins, eels, sting rays, and seas turtles, among a myriad of fish from all over the world. The aquarium has numerous exhibits including a shark exhibit and a giant ocean tank, so there is something to catch everyone’s interests. Check with your local library to see if they have passes so that you can get the tickets at a discounted price.


I have visited the New England Aquarium countless times, starting when I was a toddler. Every time, I am always drawn to the giant ocean tank in the center of the aquarium. I always keep an eye out for the sea turtles and sharks as I make my way up the spiraling ramp around the tank. It always amazes me how large some of the fish in the tank can be compared to the extremely small creatures in some of the other exhibits. Another favorite exhibit of mine is the sea lion exhibit. It is an outdoor exhibit so you get to look at the beautiful harbor and watch the sea lions swim about their pool.



Head over to the Quincy Marketplace for lunch. Once you exit the aquarium, take a right and head towards Faneuil Hall. Quincy Marketplace is a long tunnel of countless food booths, many of which have been featured on the Phantom Gourmet. I recommend trying any restaurant that serves New England clam chowder. You can eat your meal inside of the tunnel or at tables outside in the middle of Faneuil Hall.

Visit the official website of the New England Aquarium

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