Celebrate the Christmas Season in the City


Talk a walk around the Boston Common to get into the Christmas spirit! All of the trees in the Common are lit up with lights and a giant tree is on display in the center. Take a look at the incredible ice sculptures throughout the Common. Stop by the Frogg Pond, an outdoor skating rink, for some winter fun! Rent skates or save money by bringing your own!

I went to the Frogg Pond a few years ago with four of my friends and spent about an hour skating. It was way colder than we expected, so if you decide to go–wear lots and lots of layers! We had so much fun looking at the city all lit up and listening to the Christmas music playing on the outdoor speakers. On our way to dinner, we passed by a few of the sculptures on display. We were in awe at how much detail went into turning these blocks of ice into art.  It was truly a winter wonderland!



Take a short walk to Newbury Street and stop into Georgetown Cupcakes. Warm up with a delicious chai latte and enjoy a cupcake (or two). My favorite is the PB Fudge cupcake–I highly recommend!

View the full cupcake menu here.

For more information on the tree lighting, look here.

Plan your visit around an event. Check out the calendar to see what’s going on.

Want another adventure? Check out Downtown Crossing!


Spend a Day at Downtown Crossing


Downtown crossing is partially made up of the theater district, so before you head home for the holidays be sure to catch the Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker at the Boston Opera House. Kill time before the show by walking around all of the shops that make up Downtown Crossing. Be sure to check out Primark for stylish clothes at a cheap price.

I love going into Downtown Crossing around Christmas time because it feels like you’re in the North Pole. Lights line the streets and carolers frequent the corners of the blocks bringing Christmas music to the streets. Macy’s even has a giant Christmas tree lit up outside the store. Over this past weekend I went into town to see the Nutcracker as I do every year. As someone who has been dancing for fifteen years, I love watching the performers tell a story through their movements. This show always makes me excited for the Christmas season.



In addition to the theater district, China Town also makes up part of Downtown Crossing. If you do not want to go into one of the many hole-in-the-wall restaurants, take a walk to P.P. Changs. Enjoy Asian cuisine for around $15. I recommend the lettuce wraps! Be sure to look up any promotions they are having online!

For the full menu, click here.

Get your Nutcracker tickets here.

Visit the Boston Ballet’s official site.

For another adventure, catch a Bruins game.


Make it a “Goal” to See the Bruins

Boston Bruins v Columbus Blue Jackets

When the winter season rolls around, be sure to grab tickets to a Bruins game! Be a part of the roaring crowd of die hard fans as they cheer on the 2011 Stanley Cup champions. There is not a single bad seat in the entire TD Garden so do not worry if snag cheap balcony tickets. This adventure will take approximately three hours if you stay for the entire game.

Of all the Boston sports, hockey is by far my favorite. I love wearing my black and gold gear as I cheer on my favorite team. I love watching the intense face-offs between the teams as they aggressively make their way around the rink. Whether the B’s win or lose, it is always a great time to see my favorite players and my favorite game.



The TD Garden is right next to The North End which is the Italian neighborhood of Boston. The best pizza place in this neighborhood is Pizzeria Regina. Enjoy the thick crusted pizza in the small quaint restaurant.

Check out the full menu here.

Visit the NHL official site.

Stay updated with the Bruin’s twitter page.

For another adventure visit Kings Bowling.

“Strike” Up a Game at Kings Bowling!


Grab a group of friends and play a couple rounds of bowling in this hip and trendy alley! Verse a pal in air hockey, play a game of pool, or challenge a friend in shuffleboard. Check out their skiball games as well!

My friends and I frequent Kings because there is so much to do. It is very difficult to get bored when Kings offers such a variety in games. The atmosphere is very young so it is perfect for college students. I love challenging my friends to a game of pool even though I lose every time and if I am lucky enough, I just might get a strike in bowling!



Kings offers a full menu of food and drinks. Enjoy foods like chips and guac, mac and cheese bites, chicken wings, and many for items for under $10! I recommend the honey barbecue wings!

Click here for the full menu.

Visit King’s official site.

View promotions here.

For another adventure, take a walk down Newbury Street!

5 Cheap Spots on Newbury Street

  1. Peacock is a fashion boutique that is perfect for college students on a budget because all of the prices are very low. Peacock offers trendy jewelry, scarves, handbags, and more. It is definitely one of the cheapest shops you will find on this street.
  2. In between many of the high end shops, you will find a two story tall Forever 21. You could honestly spend hours flipping through the hundreds of racks of affordable and trendy clothes.
  3. The Closet is a high end consignment shop where you can wear designer brands for a very affordable price. All clothing is either new or lightly worn but every piece in the shop is great quality. There are bargains to be found in The Closet.


4. Sugar Heaven is the perfect spot for all the sweet tooths out there! Enjoy a variety of candy ranging from chocolate to lollipops to jellybeans. There is a pick-me-up for everyone to enjoy! If you attend Boston College, Boston University, Harvard University, Simmons College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or Northeastern University bring your college ID and get 10% off your purchase.

5. Enjoy lunch at Sofa Cafe. Enjoy bakery goods, sandwiches, and salads for under $10. I recommend trying their mozzarella pesto sandwich! Finish off your meal with a hot coffee or a latte with a design in the foam!

Check out Sofa Cafe’s full menu.

For more information on Newbury Street, visit here.

Check out Sugar Heaven’s official site.

Want another adventure? Check out the Boston Public Garden!


Plan a Visit to the Public Garden


Enjoy the beauty of nature at the Boston Public Garden. Take a ride in a swan boat through the body of water in the Common led by a tour guide. Enjoy the variety of trees and flowers that make up the Garden and surround the pond. Tickets for the ride is only $3.50 and this adventure does not take up a large time commitment.

My family and I, although living near Boston our entire lives, had never taken a ride on a swan boat until this past spring although it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Boston. We took a ride and learned about our city from the tour guide. We spent the day walking along the paths of the Garden and Boston Common and enjoyed the beautiful day. The Boston Common is a refreshing spot to wander through among the hustle and bustle of the city.



Grab lunch at the Boston Common Coffee Company! In addition to enjoying a cup of hot coffee, stop by the cafe for a sandwich or salad. I recommend trying the The Big Tony (best meatball sub I have ever had). All menu items are reasonably priced.

For more information on the Public Garden, visit here.

Find more information on the swan boats here and here

Want another adventure? Check out Faneuil Hall!

The Ultimate Guide to Faneuil Hall


Faneuil Hall is a small square in Boston filled with shops, restaurants, and street performers. Take a walk to the outdoor game area where you can enjoy ping pong, air hockey, or other games from the game chest. Walk in and out of a variety of popular stores such as Urban Outfitters or Del Sol, as well as kiosks that sell tourist gear. While venturing through the square, stop at the many street performers including artists, gymnasts, and magicians.

On a day where the weather is nice, I love spending my day at Faneuil Hall. Even if I am not interested in purchasing anything, I have a great time window shopping, playing the games at the center of the square, and watching the performers. Over the summer, I visited Faneuil Hall with my best friend and we had to stop at this group of gymnasts. The performers grabbed five people from the crowd and lined them up. One of the gymnasts then ran and flipped over all of them and stuck the landing. It was unbelievable. We grabbed food to go and sat at one of the tables outside as a singer was setting up. He strummed his guitar and sang a variety of acoustic songs. It was such a pleasant environment to enjoy our lunch in. Faneuil Hall is filled with so much talent that never fails to amaze me.



In the heart of Faneuil Hall is the restaurant Dick’s Last Resort for a one of a kind dining experience. When you are seated, you are forced to wear goofy hats that have an insult on them specific to you. Waiters are purposefully rude to you (always joking of course), so I recommend only going here if you have thick skin and can take a joke. Enjoy appetizers or lunch both for around $10, including pulled pork sandwiches, bacon burgers, or a chicken sandwich.

For more information, check out Faneuil Hall’s official site.

For the history of Faneuil Hall, visit here.

Keep updated with Faneuil Hall’s Facebook page.

Want another adventure? Check out The Paint Bar.

Join the Paint Bar Trend



Take a trip to Newbury Street for The Paint Bar! Sit down with your friends as your instructor teaches you how to paint a beautiful canvas. The paintings may look complicated, but the instructors walk you through the process step by step. Anyone can do this- you do not have to be an expert! Prices range depending on the paintings for the night.

My friends and I planned a paint night this past September. Although some of us are artsy, not everyone was. Yet, all of our canvases came out beautiful. Although we all were taught how to create the same painting, no two canvases looked alike. Everyone’s colors and shapes were slightly different. We all had a fun time making our masterpieces. The night was filled with lots of laughter and great vibes.



Located on Newbury street as well, lies Dosa Factory. Enjoy delicious Indian cuisine for under $15. Explore their chicken, Biryani, Tandoor Se, Uttapam, and Dosa options! I recommend the Tandoori Tikkas!

For the full menu click here.

For the Paint Bar calendar click here.

Check out the official site here.

For another adventure check out The Mapparium!


Experience the Famous Mapparium


Take a look at the world in a whole new way! The Mapparium is a three story high globe in the Mary Baker Eddy Library made entirely out of stain glass. It shows the world, in perfect scale, as it was in the 1930s. Take a look at countries that do not even exist anymore and see how much the world has changed in less than 100 years. Also test out the great acoustics in the globe since sound bounces off the glass from all directions.


The Mapparium was such a unique  experience. When you talk inside the globe, the voices bounce off of the glass and make a surround sound. My friends and I stood on opposite ends of the bridge and whispered to each other. It was so cool to be able to hear each other from so far away and to communicate from across the world. It was incredible to look at the globe and think about how much work went into creating this art piece. It did not take me a long time to go through the globe, so it is a great adventure to go on if you do not have a lot of time.


Walk over to Mumbai Spice for an authentic Indian meal. Enjoy food for under $20 ranging from Mumbai street food to food from the tandoor.

For more information about the Mapparium, visit the Mary Baker Eddy Library  or Roadside to America.

Watch this video about the Mapparium!

Want another adventure? Check out the Museum of Science!

Tour the Museum of Science


Explore the world of science at the Museum of Science! This museum is full of interactive exhibits that making learning hands on and fun. Walk through the over 30 permanent exhibits including A Bird’s World, Butterfly Garden, Dinosaurs:Modeling the Mesozoic, and Live Animal Care Center. Visit the IMAX Theater to experience Extreme Weather, Dolphins, and the National Park Adventure. Get tickets through your local library for a discounted admissions.


I have adventured in the Museum of Science many times and am always attracted to different exhibits. I remember a long time ago touching a real sheep brain in one of the interactive exhibits and watching an exciting lightning show. The last time I went, I recall spending a lot of time the Light House, learning about how light works. I loved this exhibit because I had just learned about different kinds of rays in my chemistry class, so it very very cool to see my knowledge applied in a very real way.


Take a short walk from the museum and grab lunch at Art Bar Cambridge. Enjoy starters for under $15. I recommend garlic wings!

For more information, visit the Museum of Science’s official website.

Stay updated with the Museum of Science Facebook and twitter.

For another adventure, check out Castle Island!